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Millennium Headstones Corp - High Tech Designer Memorials

Deborah Daoud - VP Millennium Headstones CorpHi, my name is Deborah Daoud-Burlet, I would like to introduce myself as a spokesperson for Millennium Headstones Corp. As the Vice President, I am involved in the company operations, and supporting their effort to create outstanding innovations in the field of memorial monument manufacturing, product quality & durability, environmental impact, cost saving with unique features.

Miami, FL — Millennium Headstones Corp., is introducing a brand-new concept to the world’s funeral industry which has not improved for decades. Announcing the world first High-Tech Memorial: an innovative product with more advantages than traditional memorials, of high quality, further customizations, cheaper than traditional memorials and custom-made in USA.

Our memorials have a cutting-edge composite surface technology that is impervious to mildew, stains, cracks, fading or brittle (freezing), is extremely impact resistant and very durable, keeping an all-year round brilliant shine. And also giving the possibility of easy repairs in case of damages to the memorial. As an example, our headstones are lightweight, between 60-350 pounds, in comparison a similar size in regular stone would weigh 5000 pounds, which allows for low shipping fees all over the world. And also, the installation is very easy, secure, and requires no heavy-duty equipment.

We are creating a product that is truly customizable and thus giving everyone a chance to own their unique memories, give your loved ones the tribute they deserve. Our customizations range from large custom designed stained glass (18×24 Inches) – which is impact proof – to custom pictures that are like glass, choices over coloring of letters for the engraving, trim color, and nameplates for the front and back, with the option to be removable, just to name a few.

Our manufacturing process produces very little carbon emissions in comparison to traditional headstone manufacturing, in a world where climate change becomes a pressing issue, and we need to reduce the overall output of carbon emission. Furthermore, our product is made 90% out of natural resources (Plasmacor, a patented material), which is a renewable resource and environmentally friendly, combined with a Fiberglass composite it receives all these advantages.

We are committed since 2008 to create a memorial manufacturing company that revolutionizes the Headstone and Funeral industry, and continue to innovate new ways to improve the means how we honor our loved ones.

We currently have two popular models; one is the stylish Flat Marker (14×24) in Black Onyx Moonstone (We offer any color) with a unique designed laminated picture 12 inches diameter, and engraved name plate with inlaid letters. With optional back name plate for additional verses honoring your loved ones.

Our second model is the stylish Upright Headstone in Onyx Moonstone (Or any other color) with a unique designed Stained Glass 18×24 inches, and engraved name plate with inlaid letters.

It is important to note that the Tiffany-Style Glass Art is customizable, and can be made to your personal design choice, including the option for a laminated photo picture of your personal design instead. Please let us know, since we have available Tiffany-Style Glass Art, or can create your personalized design choice.


Product Details: 
Type:Upright Headstone
Color Choices:Black Onyx Moonstone or Regular Black (Without Metallic).
Dimensions:45" High, 30" Wide and 8" Deep
Custom Picture Size:18" x 24" Stained Glass or Custom Image
Weight:300 lbs.
Starting Price:$2499
Additional Options:Raised Flat Marker + $300

Stained Glass + $400

Picture + $0

Top Picture + $150

Back Nameplate + $250

High-Tech Upright Memorial Headstone

For more information and questions related to the products please visit our website at:

Millennium Headstones Corp - High Tech Designer Memorials



All orders are built to order, the delivery time is about 3-6 weeks, or more depending customizations.

We will get in contact with you after your purchase, and then prepare to deliver to you a preview on how your design would look based on your selected options. During the design process you are free to add your options, and or changes. Once you like the preview that we send you, we start the production.

All Our Memorials Have An Millennium Warranty (1000+ Years), Are Brand New, Of High Quality, And All Statements About Our Product Are Guaranteed.


Should you have any questions, Email us, or call


786 356 4962


and we will do our best to answer your questions.


Disclaimer: Check with your local cemetery for the opportunity to place this monument on your grave site and for any extra fees for placement, installation, inspections fees, or perpetual care fees which are not part of the purchase price of the monument.

Weight 4800 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 8 in

Upright Headstone

Color Choices:

Black Onyx Moonstone or Regular Black (Without Metallic).


45" High, 30" Wide and 8" Deep

Custom Picture Size:

18" x 24" Stained Glass or Custom Image


300 lbs.

Starting Price:


Additional Options:

Raised Flat Marker + $300

Stained Glass + $400

Picture + $0

Top Picture + $150

Back Nameplate + $250


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